Network uptime

We perform ongoing monitoring of our network with the sole purpose to keep both public and private internet always operational. Check out our network structure in detail.
Service Level Agreemen - 100%  Network uptime

Power uptime

In case of any power issues, we will work efficiently to overcome them. In case, we are unable to uphold our SLA, we will compensate you in form of credit.

Support over e-mail,
phone and Slack

Our support technicians are there to help you 24/7. Whenever you require their assistance, they will provide it.

90 minutes first response
to support request

We will usually respond to your support requests within 15–30 minutes. The maximum waiting time will never go over 90 minutes of receiving the request in our system. You can submit your request via our client panel.
Service Level Agreemen - 90 minutes first response  to support request

Credit compensation




3% credit back
5% credit back
10% credit back


3% credit back5% credit back10% credit back
Planned maintenances do not diminish the SLA allowance.
Maximum compensation is limited up to the amount of 1 monthly payment.

Guaranteed response times


EuropeUSAsia & Middle East

Hardware Component

4 hours
6 hours
8 hours


3 hours
4 hours
4 hours

Check out data centers we provide in those regions

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