12 data center

10 top transit

180+ private
peering partners

2000+ local ISPs

Direct access to
hard-to-reach networks

To ensure the best possible network quality even during peak times, we partner up with premium ISPs such as Comcast, Telefonica, UPC, Swisscom, Orange and Deutsche Telecom.

Last mile connectivity

Our monitoring system constantly checks whether your traffic is being routed through the best performing path, ensuring low-latency data delivery all the way to your end users.

Unmetered DDoS

Your servers stay safe with Shield, proprietary anti-DDoS solution combining software and hardware-layer protection against protocol, volume-based attacks, or TCP SYN floods, with mitigation in under 10 seconds.


Global coverage, local routing

Thanks to diverse mix of top transit providers and 180+ PNIs at major internet hubs, OctaServer has direct access to local ISPs at each of our location.

Private global backbone

OctaServer’s private backbone built upon n x 40GE infrastructure around the globe interconnects our largest points of presence.

  • Direct connection to ISPs available in other data centers on our backbone.
  • Unhindered connectivity between your servers in various points of presence.

Redundancy at the core

To secure 100%+ uptime, OctaServer ensure there are backup mechanisms in place at all times. That includes having spare hardware on hand, duplicating the amount of physical cables, switches and routers in each location.

For upstream reliability, OctaServer has always multiple transit providers in each datacenter in case one of them gets overwhelmed.

Explore connectivity in specific location

OctaServer chooses data centers throughout the world to ensure that no matter where your clients are, you can select a server that will deliver content at blazing fast speeds.